Divorce Lawyers Will County IL :: Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 7

Divorce Lawyers Will County IL – Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 7

Mistake #7 – Immediately moving out of the house.

Divorce brings immediate tension in the house and moving out is an immediate emotional reaction and escape.

While you may feel like moving out is an easy answer, it will immediately you put your divorce case at a disadvantage.

Strategically, your residence is the high ground and during your divorce case, you’ll need immediate access to financial records and you’ll also want to take an inventory of personal property, all of which is in your home.

And in many cases, if you move out your house and it requires you to take your kids from their home or, you decide to leave them behind with your spouse, either action can severely damage your argument for custody.

Think about it.

You’re either ripping the kids from everything that’s familiar to them or you decide to leave the children with the parent you think should not have custody.

When you leave the house, leave the children or both, you’ve immediately taken some of the biggest incentives away from your spouse to resolve the divorce.

Now the spouse left in your house has all of the benefits of being divorced and even having the kids without any of the costs.

The bottom line is, unless you are in fear for your safety, it’s usually best to remain in the house until you are advised by a lawyer or ordered by a judge to leave.


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