Joliet Child Custody Lawyers :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #6

Joliet Child Custody Lawyers :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #6

Mistake #6 — Trash talking your spouse in front of the kids

By now you are probably starting to notice a general theme. The Courts greatly prefer both parents to be involved in the children’s lives and not disparage each other.

It is very important that no matter how much you cannot stand the other parent, you should not disrespect them or fight with them in front of the children. EVER.

Do not talk to your children about everything that happens in court or what happens before or after the divorce.

It is appropriate to let them know in a general way what is going on, depending upon their age, but do not give them the gory details. When in doubt, ask your lawyer whether to say anything and how much to say.

Child custody cases are very stressful on the kids and they need two rock solid parents to support them. Your kids’ relationship with the other parent and does not end just because you can’t get along with the other parent or your marriage suddenly went down the tubes. This includes using your kids as spies in the other parent’s household and pumping them for information. It will stress them out and can lead to serious lifetime emotional and psychological problems.

Whether you are currently married or not, if the court believes there is credible evidence of this type of manipulative or retaliatory behavior, it may serve as a basis to deny you custody or to change you custody right.


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