Joliet Illinois Divorce Attorneys :: Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 10

Joliet Illinois Divorce Attorneys – Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 10

Mistake #10 – Thinking you can handle this without a lawyer.

Trying to handle your divorce without a lawyer can be the single biggest mistake make you will make in your divorce.

Divorce can be unpleasant and emotionally painful. One reaction is to try to get it over quickly. Do not give into the urge to be done with the case fast. Do not settle prematurely, before you know what is fair.

A divorce will touch every aspect of your life, custody of your kids, possession of your property, payment of your debts and division of your assets.

Even if your case is completely uncontested by your spouse, you absolutely need a lawyer to guide you through the process and make sure the legal divorce documents are drafted correctly.

If your spouse has hired an attorney, you should absolutely hire an attorney you can trust to review you’re the divorce documents to make sure they accurately reflect your agreement and can be properly enforced in the future.

If your case is contested, your lawyer will be your legal advantage in the courtroom and can help you build a winning strategy and make sure your best interests are protected.

Even experienced divorce lawyers hire experienced divorce lawyers for an objective opinion. Many unrepresented people who think they have a great case find out otherwise after a judge rules against them because they can’t tell the judge everything they want to due to the rules of evidence.

Good lawyers and reasonable people settle most divorce cases without a trial. Many clients benefit from mediation. Our experience has been that many very difficult cases settle in mediation with the guidance of a trained expert mediator.

Settling means you choose the outcome rather than have a judge impose an outcome on you.

Parties that settle are generally happier long term, and have less ongoing conflict. Even if the other side is unreasonable, you should still make an offer to create a record of your position.


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