Joliet Illinois Divorce Attorneys :: Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 9

Joliet Illinois Divorce Attorneys – Top 10 Divorce Mistakes Video 9

Mistake #9 – Trying to share your side of the story with the kids so they understand

Right out of the gate, you’ll probably feel like you feel the need to justify their position to the children as if they were the jury that decides the case.

No matter how old your kids are, they’re not going to understand why you are getting a divorce.

Do not use your kids as pawns in the battle against your spouse.

Don’t use them as your therapist, or treat them as your peers and absolutely do not put your spouse down in front of the kids.

Many people feel that they are not involving the children yet they will freely vent to friends and family within the child’s earshot. Kids hear everything.

It’s best not to get the kids involved with your divorce unless the court involves them.

They do not understand the many complications of divorce and will often times blame themselves when their parents split.

Older children will usually see divorce as grown up business and do not want to get involved.

And no matter what your reasoning is, it is terribly cruel to force a child of any age to pick between their two parents.

Involving your kids in the details of your divorce will only harm your case and harm your children.


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