Will County Child Custody :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #9

Will County Child Custody :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #9

Mistake #9 — Not cooperating with the court.

Once there are orders entered by the court. You must obey them.
There is no quicker way to get yourself in a worse custody position than directly disobeying a judicial order.

Violating court orders gives rise to negative inferences by the judge on your case about you and your parenting. This is especially true if you are not paying court ordered support.

Violating court orders an result in fines, jail and other sanctions including the other parent’s attorney’s fees

Do not forget that hearings for contempt of the custody order are usually held before the judge that issued it.

By disobeying the Court’s order, you are directly mocking their judgment and expertise.
If you do not respond to a divorce or child custody action, a default judgment could result. That means the other side essentially gets whatever they request. Even if everything in the proposed settlement looks reasonable to you, it is essential that you respond.

Another big problem is not telling our lawyer the whole truth. You may get by with it for a while but don’t you think that the other parent will tell his lawyer everything, especially those things that you don’t want exposed?

A good way to lose your case is to allow your lawyer to be surprised in court.

Full disclosure is always best because lies can come back at you later and cost you and your children dearly. The truth is always the best practice no matter what the circumstances and that is what the courts are looking for. Remember no one likes to be lied to, especially a judge!


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