Will County Family Attorneys :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #7

Will County Family Attorneys :: Top 10 Child Custody Mistakes #7

Mistake #7 — Not being prepared for your case

There are many important factors to consider when initially dealing with a custody dispute.

Your first hearing usually happens fast. If you have already reached a custody agreement, with the other parent, the court will enter a consent order and you are finished. If you have not reached an agreement, some decisions will be made to determine where the children will stay temporarily and more than likely the court will enter a temporary order of custody and visitation rights along with a contested date for full hearing.

You need to prepare yourself to address this with the court and think about everything related to arranging your work schedule around your children’s needs, having alternate transportation plans available, and researching potential daycare centers because these are important issues that will need to be provided for.

Judge’s love nothing more than seeing a parent that is proactively looking for ways to improve the children’s life.

Any while many people think they are capable of representing themselves in a custody case, these situations will be filled with emotions.

If you represent yourself, it will be difficult to blame yourself for your own mistakes so if the case doesn’t go your way, you’ll have to result to blaming your spouse, the Judge and the Court system (which you’ll likely do openly).

This can have a disastrous effect on how you act and are perceived in Court, which directly affects your custody case.


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